Grub: File not found

Grub File not Foud

After installing some updates on my Ubuntu 9.04 alpha I restarted my machine and was shocked to see the Grub message: Error 15: File not found

I found out that the Grub menu.lst had not been updated to start with the new kernel (actualy I think it was even replaced by an older version or something) and the solution is quiet simple:

In the Grub menu press ‘c’ to get a Grub promt, then type cat (hd0,1)/boot/ and press ‘tab’. (replace (hd0,1) with whatever your boot partition is (If you don’t know enter the command find /vmlinuz or find /boot/grub/menu.lst))

You’ll see a list of available vmlinuz kernels. Memorize the version of your latest kernel and press ‘esc’ to get back to the Grub menu.

Press ‘e’ to edit the entry and replace all kernel version entries with the version you just memorized, then press ‘b’ to boot.

Your system should now be happily booting again. When your system’s up and running edit /boot/grub/menu.lst with your favorite edior so that the kernel versions match the ones on your system in /boot/

It took me a whole day to figure out this simple solution because I had done quiet a lot of different things on the machine before I restarted it, so I couldn’t figure out the cause. I was about to try to install gentoo with a USB flash drive but when I wanted to format it I accidentally pressed unmount on the harddisk instead of the flash drive. Also using an alpha version is not recomended and you have to expect such things to happen. And finally, the documentation I found in the internet was often related to multi-boot systems and/or more serious problems. This is the main reason I’m publishing this article. I was suspecting that the solution might be trivial but had difficulties figuring out what was causing trouble, also because I wasn’t able to boot any live-CD because my hp mini doesn’t have a CD drive and the only USB flash drive I had at hand was one that wouldn’t boot…

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