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Digital Artist, Screen and Motion Designer

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80'000 Jahre Essen und Trinken Virtuell Erleben

Diese Ausstellung im Rahmen des Gustofestivals Patagonian Cuisine 2016 entstand in Zusammenarbeit mit dem archäologischen Museum Kanton Solothurn. Sämtliche Gerichte wurden in Zusammenarbeit mit Andy Zaugg im Restaurant Zum alten Stephan nachgekocht und inszeniert. Mit diesen hat die Agentur coUNDco AG später 3D-Visualisierungen erstellt und mittels Augmented Reality erlebbar gemacht.

Patagonian Cuisine 2016

As part of Gustofestival's Event ID by coUNDco I created this video and the 3D intro animation of the logo.

Stadium Bigscreen Ad

This ad by coUNDco was aired on the big screen at the Stade de Suisse soccer stadium and was acompanied by similar ads for other screens. for this project I was responsible for the motion design.

Shipping - Animated Infographic

Marketing film that explains the processes involved in coordinating supply shippments. For this project by coUNDco I created the final 3D animation.
This frame is designed to click in place on top of the E-paper Display HAT for Raspberry Pi. Hang your Pi to the wall or simply put it on a table or shelf. Your Pi deserves some attention. This simple yet elegant frame will transform your Pi into an elegant decoration for your home.
Personalise your IKEA Kallax Shelf with this custom handle decoration for your drawer or door insets. This decoration is designed to click in place on the cylindrical handles of IKEA Kallax drawer or door insets.
The perfect gift if your newborn's name is Oliver.


3D render of a girl with closed eyes

Creating a beautiful and fully animate-able 3D girl offers many challenges, and as technology progresses, so does she too.

Interio Sales ePanel

For the Interio Sales campaigns 2015 - 2016 by coUNDco I was responsible for creating all kinds of animated advertisements like the ePanel shown in this video.

Raiffeisen Geschäftsbericht 2014

For the Raiffeisen annual report 2014 by coUNDco I was responsible for creating the 3D art and 3D animations.

minsavist Alpha Gameplay

Gamaplay of the alpha version of minsavist (working title), a game for mobile devices.
An elegant magic wand for the experienced black magic adept.

Digital Flora

Digital plantscape

100% recyclable digital flora.
Wash and water only with the purest digital 3D rain.

What if nature came with care instructions?

Gesamtclip | Raiffeisen - Geld und Werte

For the Raiffeisen annual report 2013 by coUNDco I was responsible for creating the 3D art and 3D animations.