Fabian Hernandez

3D Artist, Animator, Designer, Developer

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AXA Energy Check

An animated infographic for drivers about saving money and reducing emissions. For this video by coUNDco I was responsible for the 3D animation.

Haptic VR Climbing Experience: Eiger Nordwand

At coUNDco we can now take a quick break from work and experience what it feels like to be climbing high up in the mountains with this showcase haptic VR experience which we created using 360º Fotos and a real climbing wall installed in our office.

He loves me

First variation and finished shot of my 3D female character. Everything is hand made and built from the ground up. Nothing was added in post, only a little bit of colour correction. She's wearing my Coral Entanglement ring which can be purchased from my shapeways store.

AXA E-Mobility VR Game

Huge audience reception for coUNDco's VR Game created for the Energy Challenge 2017. The game is exposed at various fairs taking place 2017 in Switzerland. I was responsible for creating some of the 3D assets in the game.

80'000 years of food culture

This augmented reality experience by coUNDco was created in collaboration with the archaeological museum of the canton of Solothurn and was exposed at the Gustofestival Patagonian Cuisine 2016. All dishes were recreated in collaboration with the star chef Andy Zaugg at the restaurant Zum alten Stephan. coUNDco then converted the dishes into 3D augmented reality experiences. For this project I was involved in conceptualizing and researching and was responsible for capturing the dishes, recreating them in 3D and converting them into interactive augmented reality experiences.

Patagonian Cuisine 2016

As part of Gustofestival's Event ID by coUNDco I created this video and the 3D intro animation of the logo.

Stadium Bigscreen Ad

This ad by coUNDco was aired on the big screen at the Stade de Suisse soccer stadium and was acompanied by similar ads for other screens. for this project I was responsible for the motion design.

Shipping - Animated Infographic

Marketing film that explains the processes involved in coordinating supply shippments. For this project by coUNDco I created the final 3D animation.

Coral Entanglement

A beautiful organic band ring with an underwater feel to it. Available in a variety of sizes and finishings.
Purchase from Shapeways

Thin ring with socket

This is a polished elegant thin ring featuring a socket with three prongs for mounting something special. Available in a variety of sizes and finishings.
Purchase from Shapeways


Portrait shot of a work in progress female character.

A Thief's Escape

A game created by coUNDco for the PlayStation Switzerland Uncharted 4 release event in Zürich. For this project I created some of the game assets.


Gamaplay of the alpha version of minsavist, a mobile game I developed while commuting.


Gameplay of the SUGUS iOS game by coUNDco. I was responsible for creating and animating the 3D assets of the game.